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At times both hilarious and heartbreaking, this play dives into the world of a high school girls' soccer team, exploring the human complexity found in us all.


The sound design of this production consisted of transitional popular music coupled with enveloping soundscapes of the cheering crowds and teams in an indoor soccer facility, as well as underscoring to reinforce moments of tension, terror, and triumph throughout. The use of popular music in a sports setting resembled a warmup playlist that constantly reflected the ever-changing emotions, desires, and thoughts of The Wolves as we cheered them to victory. 

“I wanted to see a portrait of teenage girls as human beings – as complicated, nuanced, very idiosyncratic people who weren’t just girlfriends, or sex objects or manic pixie dream girls but who were athletes and daughters and students and scholars and people who were actively trying to change the world around them.”

- Sarah DeLappe, Playwright

 River and Rail Theatre

December 2 - 18, 2022

Director: Grechen Wingerter

Scenic Design: Claude Hardy

Lighting Design: Kaylin Gess

Sound Design: Lucas Swinehart 

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