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In November 2020, a good friend and I created a silent short film called Revenant for his location specific acting course at NYU Tisch, an assignment that quickly turned into a passion project for both of us. We created, edited, and uploaded the film over the course of a week.

For the project, I acted as the cinematographer, editor, and sound designer. I shot the film over two days, using each of our personal Sony A7R III cameras and recording location sound with a RODE VideoMicro. Editing the project in Adobe Premiere Pro began immediately as filming wrapped and took three days with multiple revisions. The sound design process started after the project had been edited close to its final form. I compiled and edited the project's audio in Adobe Audition with video reference.

Due to the film's silent nature, we relied heavily on musical score to set the tone for each moment. The assignment guidelines allowed us to include copyrighted work and we found the film's voice to fit incredibly well with Gustavo Santaolalla's soundtrack from The Last of Us Part II video game. I blended various parts of the soundtrack together to create a cohesive and revealing score for the project.

The location and character sounds also played an important role in establishing the film's tone and reinforcing the reality of the character. Most in-camera audio was replaced with other recorded location sounds and added foley such as footsteps, breathing, wind, and rushing water. I relied on character noise and atmosphere to craft a cohesive soundscape throughout the entire film.

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