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In this retelling of Martin Luther King Jr.'s last night alive in Lorraine Motel room 306, we see the mythic man through new eyes in his exchange with a peculiar maid. A speech, a storm, a visitation, a vision: How does a real life hero's journey end?


The sound design for this production relied heavily on atmospheric rain and thunder to create a claustrophobic reminder of the unrest and injustice surrounding our two characters as the walls continue to close in on them. The storm barreling down on room 306 is a centerpiece of the play and was specifically important in our production. It both informs Camae's reluctance to leave the room and King's uneasy air, while also acting as it's own character that reveals the storm and struggle that lies in the moment and ahead for King's mission. It is overwhelming, startling, and ever-present. Specific attention was paid to create an entirely diegetic environment for the night that unfolds on the stage.

The all original composition for the show utilized a variety of tense, melancholic cello led pieces that ebbed and flowed with The Mountaintop's constantly evolving tones of passion, progress, grief, and acceptance. Samples of the original composition created for and used throughout the show can be heard below. 

Projections were also specifically tailored to the space and content of the production. All technical disciplines employed in the production were used to create a gut-wrenchingly beautiful visual and audible ending to our story.

The production included two touring performances.


Feb 16 - Mar 5, 2023

River and Rail Theatre


Director: Rico Bruce Wade

Scenic Design: Scott Baron

Lighting Design: Jordan Vera

Sound Design: Lucas Swinehart

Costume Design: Keeley Wade

Projection Design: Lucas Swinehart

Stage Manager: Jess Klus

"[The] lighting did double duty, becoming a quasi-character companion with Lucas Swinehart's thunder and ambient rain that runs throughout."

- ArtsKnoxville

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