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An other-worldly spec plunges four millennials into a whimsically chaotic adventure to rediscover their own lost magic. 


The sound design of this production was built around late 90's and 2000's pop punk themes that highlighted the characters' plight and discovery throughout the story. The atmosphere of the city and forrest settings were presented though a series of surround speakers that allowed for the creation of a seemingly directionless, evolving, and fully encompassing soundscape.



Oct 19 - Nov 6, 2022

Clarence Brown Lab Theatre


Director: Terry D. Alford

Scenic Design: Michaela Lochen

Lighting Design: Mitch Wilson

Sound Design: Lucas Swinehart

Costume Design: Alex Heder

Projection Design: Kaylin Gess

"The play charmingly careens off the edge of reality into a marvelously whimsical sort of chaos... Sound effects, both obvious and ambient, were nicely conceived by Lucas Swinehart."

- ArtsKnoxville

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