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About Me

I'm currently the Audio Supervisor and A1 for Jane Austen's Emma The Musical in the Randall L. Jones Theatre at the Utah Shakespeare Festival. I have a true, driven passion for theatre, music, sound, and every creative avenue in-between. I pride myself in my technical abilities, my compassion for others, and my constant willingness to learn.

I am well-experienced as both an audio engineer and sound designer. I studied Theatre Design (specializing in sound design) at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville. In my time at UT, I became deeply involved in the technical and creative processes at the Clarence Brown Theatre (LORT D), designing or assisting on 6 shows during my post-COVID time there. I have also spent considerable time working with IATSE Local 197 as a local stagehand, as well as designing and teching productions at other theatres, local and abroad.

In my free time I enjoy hiking and going to concerts with good friends, especially when there are pictures to be taken. I'm constantly enthralled by the creative process and can't help but to pursue every opportunity I'm afforded.

Thank you so much for checking out my portfolio and I hope we're able to work together soon!

- Lucas

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